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Spice Rain

  • Cuisine Type : INDIAN
  • Min. Order : £20

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1 reviews of Spice Rain

Gidone Sirick

Quality of Food
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I am a fan of chicken tikka masala but they put a different spin on this dish and it tastes too sweet, no real flavour otherwise. This is the second time I ordered from them this very dish with exactly the same results. Their onion Bhaji tastes like a 50:50 mix between supermarket's ones and a few real onion deep fried whereas most curry houses make it majority onions deep fried in a batter of spices. They took over from Blue Ginger Curry House that used to occupy the same premises but for us Blue Ginger was literarily the best curry house for us in 30 miles radius from Rainham but we found that it's replacement is just not up to scratch. The Chicken Madras was ok.