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Curry 2 Nite

  • Cuisine Type : INDIAN
  • Min. Order : £15
  • Opening Time : 5:00 PM - 11:00 PM

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2 reviews of Curry 2 Nite

Hilary Stowbridge

Quality of Food
Quality of Service
Value of Money


Couldn’t give minus stars, we ordered the food to arrive at 21:30, as we were out. We were phoned at 21:00 to say they were outside our house. I explained we were about 10 mins away, which was why we had ordered for half past. The order finally arrived at 21:30 , however the food that arrived was not what we had ordered. I immediately phoned the delivery man to explain that what he had delivered was not our order. At 21:50 the delivery was finally delivered. The food we received was obviously the food that had tried to deliver at 21:00. The food was cold and totally inedible

Keith McCarthy

Quality of Food
Quality of Service
Value of Money